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Not getting what you expected online?

If you are struggling to find answers to running a successful photography business, you are finally in the right spot. I know that Facebook groups can get overwhelming. I understand that getting advice from 20 different people can be confusing, especially if you do not know how experienced they are.  I also understand how tough it is to afford a photography mentor or coach. I have been mentoring photographers since 2016 and the most common things they say are  "they can't afford help" and "who can they trust." I totally get all of this. I created my facebook group so I could share experiences, stories and advice. The group has GROWN so much. (Yay) But that means you get less of me. I want to answer all your questions and help every single one of you. But there is just one of me. So after lots of brainstorming, I decided to create the Photog Life VIP group. First off, there are limited spaces. Second, you get my attention FIRST. Everyday. (Saturday and Sundays may vary depending on my weddings) So if you have a question for me, I am there. I will answer it within 24-48 hours of you tagging me. YES! You can actually tag me in this group.🤩 My VIP group will be private and exclusive. You will be able to ask questions, bounce ideas around and help others too if you wish! So if you need more of my attention and advice and want to turn your photography business around, this is the most affordable option I got for ya! So let's recap!

$25 a month will get you:

  • Access to an exclusive private FB group. 
  • Daily mentoring advice... Ask away! 
  • Advice within 24-48 hours.
  • Access to a once a month group zoom call. 
  • One on one chats within the group.
  • Tips on finding your ideal clients and what to charge.


 I know some of you may be asking, how is this different from the 60 Day Challenge? The difference is ME. I am going to be there with you. I am going to guide you all and see where you are  in your business. I will help each of you achieve the goals you need to make the changes you want and need for your photography business.  If it is financially or if it professionally.

This VIP group is for photographers that are ready to bust their butt but need help doing it. So if you are mentally ready, let's do this! 


I want VIP access!

Key benefits from joining the VIP group

 Basically you get access to my experience and advice around the clock. I can't live in the FB community,  as much as I wish I could. But my time is just as valuable as yours. So by joining the Photog Life VIP group, you get me all the dang time. I will have an agenda ready for those that need it. If you are more seasoned, then you get what ever you need from me as you need it. The VIP group is support group with me leading the way. We will help each other but mostly you get to ask me questions and I will be there to answer them. So if you are stuck and can't book. I am going to help you find clients. If you can't seem to understand how to price yourself, I will  help you find your value. If you are lost in marketing, I will help you get creative and stand out. Whatever you need, I am there! 



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