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Photog Life Education with Heatherley Doan

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Hi! I am Heatherley

I am a photography mentor and wedding photographer located in Colorado. My journey to be a photographer was not easy and that's why I created one on one coaching and these photography courses. I love helping other photographers learn the basics of getting legal, finding their ideal client and realizing their value. I'm so glad you're here and taking the steps to make changes for your photography business. Watch this video to learn more! You can see my work here at


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Mentoring Options

I offer ALL sorts of ways to learn the business side of photography. If you think you learn best in person, a one on one with me is most likely the way to go. Don't think an hour is enough? I get it! I have a super challenging monthly mentoring package that will help you dive deep into your business and get the results you need. For those of you that like to learn a little at a time or are just stuck in general, check out The 60 Day Challenge! It is perfect for photographers that want to transition from hobby to pro.

Self Paced Course


One time only

Do you work better at your own pace? Maybe you need more than one hour. Well if you are you ready to take your photography business to the next level but rather do it as a course, the 60 Challenge is most like for you. Let me ask you this? Are you a photographer that's new or struggling to book clients?  Are you lost when it comes to marketing? Do you even know why you charge what you do? The Photog Life 60 day challenge is my newest online class that will motivate you to find the clients you need and answer ALL these questions! Come learn more here!


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One on One with Heatherley


Per Hour

Trust me, I have been there. Stuck. Not sure what to charge. Confused on why others are busy and my in box was... empty. If you need to brainstorm and get your business going again, click here to learn more about one on one mentoring with me!

Some topic we will discuss:

  • Pricing

  • Finding your ideal client
  • Creatives ways to market your brand
  • Setting personal goals
  • Anything else you need!



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Monthly Mentoring With Heatherley



Don't think a few hours is enough? I totally get it! Sometimes we need more time to dig deeper into our business.

  • This one month program will include:

  • 5 One hour mentoring calls

  • CODB Calculator

  • Website critique

We will  discuss your challenges, set goals, work on marketing strategies, calculate your cost of doing business, work on pricing your sessions and so much more!


I am ready!

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"I suggest Heatherley Bloom Doan without a doubt for mentoring services! I participated in her 60 day challenge and learned so much! I watched my numbers DOUBLE! She is very motivating, but she will be Truthful which I Greatly appreciate! She educated me on so much from Pricing , market, client experience and professionalism. She gives wonderful ideas and is also the reason I utilize Facebook live for my business! She will keep you Laughing but she will also get those gears running!! After doing the challenge I was now insured, again my Numbers DOUBLED! And Heatherley Bloom Doan still extends so much education and grace after the challenge! Thanks!!!"

Kayla Bailey

Mini Sessions got you down?

 Raise your hand if you did mini sessions and they were a total flop.🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Maybe you have been told 'Don't do them, they are a waste of time." Yup. I have been right where you are. I almost gave up doing them. Until I realized I was doing them all wrong! You heard me. I had NO idea what I was doing. If you want to hear a few secrets and learn how to make some serious money, check out this mini session crash course!

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Heatherley just launched a very exclusive and private mentoring experience. Want to learn more? 

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Featured Photographers

Want to see some of the amazing talent we have in the Photog Life Community? Check out The Photog Life Blog here! Photo by: Bailey Miller

“I’m grinding when you’re sleeping.” Gary Vaynerchuk

Stop being scared. If you make a mistake, you learn. Then you fucking grow.


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